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Diary archives going back to 2001. Under contruction


The Whiskey Rebel aka Phil Irwin

The Whiskey Rebel has five books published:

 Jobjumper 2nd edition 

Hostile City or Bust, Rejected by Nashville Escape from Cookieland. 

Rejected by Nashville, Escape from  Cookieland, and The Whiskeyrebel Reader,  also available at Amazon.com

Rancid Vat's last release with Whiskey Rebel. Full length CD.  We're  Still Better than you. 


Merchandise available on Whiskey Rebel's ebay store. Such as the popular Rancid Vat T-shirt featuring a two headed baby and band's logo: "Offending Since 1981"

Black Beefy-Tee. Band releases, and books  available as well.